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Dr. Kendrick



DR KENDRICK CLINICAL SKINCARE – Where Clinical Science And Beauty Meets

Dr Kendrick is a board-certified physician from USA who has been practicing in the field of anti-aging medicine and Laser skin surgery for the last decade. Dr Kendrick has realized that the field of anti-aging medicine/clinical skincare is growing at such a rapid rate that it is difficult for the general public to keep up with the newest technologies.

The objective of DR KENDRICK CLINICAL SKINCARE LINE is to bring in the latest cutting edge of medical science right into the fingertips of our consumers. All our products have incorporated the latest skincare and anti-aging technologies that are available throughout the world.

Dr Kendrick clinical skincare main theme is to “bring the laser home in just a small bottle”. This is why he restlessly searches for state-of-the-art ingredients and technologically advanced delivery systems that mimic his in office laser procedures. Expect flawless, ageless looking skin in minimal time, just like the doctor ordered.

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  • HK$138.00
    A.SPOT Cream is fast acting and can quickly destroy already formed acne in a pin point fashion without irritating the surrounding skin which reduces acne scarring.  •Targets cystic acne that are painful to the touch and reduces redness and swelling containing pus •Early use can prevent or r..
  • HK$360.00
    Advance Radiant Gel Mask is a newly upgraded version of the previously popular Radiant Gel Mask by Dr Kendrick Clinical Skincare. It is a unique product that can improve facial fat granules/small papules, reduce skin discoloration, hydrate the skin, and reduce wrinkles all at the same time. •Impr..
  • HK$340.00
    New Age Reversal Whitening Mask with Nano tech organic bio-fiber material approved by the FDA adheres 3.8 times better than the average paper mask and efficiently aids in the process of absorption. Innovative 3D three-dimensional structure holds more essence and facilitates absorption. •Essence i..
  • HK$480.00
    Acne Clear uses high quality patented formula and MLC technology to eradicate blemishes. Additional Vitamins A, C and zinc salt effectively improves blocked follicles of keratinocytes allowing the pores to reopen. •Contains patented natural plant extracts formula without Western medication that m..
  • HK$350.00
    ANTI BLEMISH REPAIR CREAM is formulated with AcnocyteTM to give potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. It repairs and eliminates acne causing bacteria. . •Anti-bacterial – prevents acne formation •Repairs rough damaged skin caused by acne •Skin becomes smooth and delicate ..
  • HK$260.00
    High quality deep cleansing formula with minimum lather gently deep cleans the skin and relieves the skin of any discomfort. •Contains compound natural preservatives. •No artificial fragrances and colors added •Hypoallergenic •Soothes skin •Gently deep cleanses the skin ..
  • HK$220.00
    Express Exfoliating Gel uses break down protein into amino acid. By gently massaging the skin, dirt and the dead surface of the skin are dissolved. The formula contains natural plant extracts that speeds up skin metabolism and aids in moisture retention. •Gently removes dead skin cells and thorou..
  • HK$428.00
    Eye Tight Laser Serum contains two of the most advance scientific skincare formulation: Ophthalagen TM and Jelly Fish Peptide Stem Cell. Ophthalagen TM is clinically proven to reduce fine lines around the eyes, improve skin laxity and reduce the appearance of eye bag and dark eye circle. Jelly Fish ..
  • HK$580.00
    Flawless Pore Complex with PORE NEUROTIGHT™ is clinically proven to protect and repair skin nerve cells by increasing collagen production. It promotes pore shrinkage and prevents further oxidative damages and uneven skin surface. •Decreases sebum production by inhibiting 5 Alpha Reductase •Preve..
  • HK$860.00
    Gene Secret ™ uses anti-wrinkle peptide formulation to activate the two anti-aging gene that restart the regeneration of skin cells. •Effectively increases collagen and fibronectin production •Quickly enhances the skin's self-repairing system •Significantly reduces wrinkles and smoothes fine li..
  • HK$380.00
     U.S. anti-aging physician DR KENDRICK spend years to formulate Allergy Resolution and finally comes Intensive Moisture Shield. • Decrease redness following a UV or a mechanical aggression ( such as shaving, pinching or other manipulation of the skin. • Improves cutaneous moisturization. •..
  • HK$590.00
    It strengthens skin's cell's natural lipid barrier to lock in moisture and increase collagen production, which resolves issues such as dehydration, oxidization and wrinkles. Instantaneously, skin feels soft and elasticity is restored.  •Supplements the protective lipid layer of the skin •Re..
  • HK$390.00
    Moisturizes and repairs skin nerve cells simultaneously. It promotes skin firmness, radiance and prevent further oxidative damage and wrinkle formation. •Reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles •Highly moisturizing •Anti-oxidant ..
  • HK$560.00
    Non Scalpel Facelif II Serum is Dr.Kendrick’s innovative team’s latest breakthrough. This small bottle of essence produces long lasting skin lifting and tightening results, as compared to some of the laser procedures. •Increases cell production •Strengthens the adhesion between skin cells •Lift..
  • HK$280.00
    UV SHIELD Protection Moisturizing Repair uses 3D Nano Technology with silkworm liposome and pearl powder to evenly form a protective layer on the skin to reflect ultraviolet rays.  •Nanoscale sunscreen protects against UVA, UVB and sunburn •Protects against skin damage – patented formula bl..