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Pulpe de Vie


Pulpe de Vie was founded by Julie Ducret, from the south of France who enjoys the natural organic life.

Julie had rediscovered the beauty of essential joys such as friendship and the most importantly, laughter, so she want to let girls feel the pleasure advocating from natural organic skin care. Pulpe de Vie has variety of natural and organic skincare line; including face and body products. All the natural raw materials are produced from organic farming and without using pesticides. The natural extract from Fresh fruit formulated to replace the original essential oils which reduce the risk of getting sensitive and giving a natural and better care to your skin.

The entire production process Pulpe de Vie are 100% made in France during the entire production process with respect to the nature. With environmentally friendly packaging and production processes, all products without animal experiments and no genetically modified ingredients. It is a brand that is backed up by efficiency and above all, human values: All skin care products are made with the highest concentration of organic ingredients and fruit extracts and aim to provide the natural pure beauty to girls. 

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