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Wish Formula


Wish Formula “Professional Line” from COTTERANG INC. in South Korea was created by using "IDI Technology". "IDI Fermentation Peeling" was developed by clinical experiences and biotechnology based on technical cooperation of IDI Clinic in Italy with 400 dermatologists. IDI Clinic did lots of researches and developed variety of peeling products, experiments were done to improve and find causes of the skin disease. As a result, IDI Clinic developed Wish Formula Professional Line.

Our own brand Wish Formula has about 80 products that are distributed to over 1,000 dermatologists and aesthetics clinics in Seoul, South Korea. It was divided into “Professional Line” and “Homecare Line”. Our product lines are comprised of bio fermentation peeling, acne, blackhead, whitening, wrinkle, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, sensitive, calming, moisturizing and multi-functional mask pack line (for face, eye, neck, body).

We have two patents related to peeling and eight trademarks registered by the Korean government. Our products were developed by a group of dermatologists, oriental doctors, skin physiologists and cosmetic scientists together with our CEO, Mr. Michael Yu, who got a master degree in cosmetics. All products from Wish Formula have passed the KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) testing on safety and effectiveness. Moreover, we will continue to work towards other global recognitions in cosmetics.

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