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  • HK$180.00
    Function: Enriched with a fruit cocktail (Raspberry, fig blackcurrant and prickly pear oil) and 3 patented ingredients, the Night Beauty Cream with its repairing and anti-oxidizing properties regenerates skin and helps to prevent skin ageing. Key ingredients: Water, Rubus Idaeus Fruit Water..
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  • HK$310.00
    Hydrate your skin with moisture and reduce oiliness whilst leaving your skin feeling light and fresh with Balance Moisture Gel. Skin type for oily skin Star ingredients yarrow, juniper berry, lavender Features Balances excess oiliness The essential oils and yarrow extract work to ..
  • HK$150.00
    Key ingredients Water, Kiwi Fruit Water*, Melissa Officinalis Flower/Leaf/Stem Water*, Helianthus Annuus Hybrid Oil*, Camelina Sativa Seed Oil*, Peach Fruit Extract*, Mallow Flower Extract*. *ingredient from organic farming How to use Apply appropriate amount of face cream evenly and gen..
  • HK$380.00
    Replenish and richly moisturise your skin with this union of rejuvenating essential oils and nourishing plant ingredients. Skin type for dry and mature skin Star ingredients frankincense, rose, patchouli Features A rich emollient cream Essential oil blend aids in cell regeneration..
  • HK$310.00
    An ultra light moisturiser that will ensure your skin retains purity while keeping its moisture levels balanced. Skin type for oily and combination skin Star ingredients lavender, geranium, cypress Features Essential oil blend helps to balance and purify the skin Hydrates the s..
  • HK$380.00
     U.S. anti-aging physician DR KENDRICK spend years to formulate Allergy Resolution and finally comes Intensive Moisture Shield. • Decrease redness following a UV or a mechanical aggression ( such as shaving, pinching or other manipulation of the skin. • Improves cutaneous moisturization. •..
  • HK$330.00
    Replenish your skin with this rich, golden balm. Replenish Night Balm infuses your skin with active antioxidants, nourishing plant oils and revitalising essential oils. Skin type for dry and mature skin Star ingredients organic rosehip, antioxidants, everlasting Features Protects ce..
  • HK$380.00
    Top up your skin’s moisture levels with this hydrating and soothing blend of plant nutrients. Skin type for normal to dry skin Star ingredients palmarosa, sandalwood, lavender Features  Essential oil blend designed to hydrate, cool and moisturise the skin while aiding to stimul..
  • HK$550.00
    An incredibly rich, nourishing cream full of certified organic essential oils, plant extracts and wholesome vitamins. Skin type for dry, mature skin Star ingredients rosehip, rose, frankincense Features A rich, yellow cream that provides moisture and protection to your damaged skin Be..
  • HK$380.00
    When your skin is red, dry and angry bring it some calm. Star ingredients chamomile, neroli, lavender Features German chamomile, lavender, neroli and calendula are some of the most soothing oils to be found Calms skin irritations Benefits Soothes and moisturises red and ang..