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  • HK$360.00
    Advance Radiant Gel Mask is a newly upgraded version of the previously popular Radiant Gel Mask by Dr Kendrick Clinical Skincare. It is a unique product that can improve facial fat granules/small papules, reduce skin discoloration, hydrate the skin, and reduce wrinkles all at the same time. •Impr..
  • HK$340.00
    New Age Reversal Whitening Mask with Nano tech organic bio-fiber material approved by the FDA adheres 3.8 times better than the average paper mask and efficiently aids in the process of absorption. Innovative 3D three-dimensional structure holds more essence and facilitates absorption. •Essence i..
  • HK$240.00
    Function: Specially designed formula with nine natural extracts ingredients, effectively remove blackhead and dissolves grease without stimulating skin. Gently eliminates blackhead. Menthol and ethanol help to cool down the skin temperature and soothe the skin. Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Sage Ex..
  • HK$150.00
    Key Function Removes nose blackhead, Sebum care, Pore care Features Step-by-Step Blackhead program for Home Care Disposable, single use Kit Dissolves and removes sebum and blackhead by 9 kinds of natural extracts without irritation No side effects; such as red skin compare to the gen..
  • HK$310.00
    Show off your fresh face! Skin type for all skin types Star ingredients green clay, echinacea, gotu kola Features Absorb impurities Encourage cellular renewal Improves skin detoxification Balances sebum production Benefits Your skin is cleansed and detoxified, impur..
  • HK$330.00
    Purify your skin with mineral rich clay and the antioxidant power of green tea extract to leave your skin pure and baby soft. Star ingredients green tea, green clay, juniper berry Features A thick, green clay mask Essential oil blend is detoxify and cleansing Made entirely of natu..
  • HK$480.00
    Rich suspension containing plant based active agents with high dermo-affinity, enriched with silico-aluminate-clay components and trace element rich Abano thermal water. The mineral ions and trace elements restore vitality and dynamism to the dermo-epidermal layer, acting as thermal enhancers in ..
  • HK$350.00
    Papaya Enzyme Mask has been carefully formulated to exfoliate the skin by removing dead surface skin cells while absorbing impurities from the pores. Benefits Active papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin. Oatmeal softens and moisturises. Yellow clay absorbs impurities. Smooths and revital..
  • HK$240.00
    Function: Patented ingredients and vast quantities of tannin and proteins ingredients help pore minimizing and leave your skin shiny and silky. Key Ingredients: Conalbumin, Ascorbic Acid, Rhus Javanica Extract, Matricaria Flower Extract, Willowbark Extract, Witch Hazel How to use: Aft..
  • HK$230.00
    Function: Formulated with patented active moisturizing ingredients, the serum boosts skin’s radiance, regeneration and anti-wrinkle effect. The organic sea buckthorn, plum and prickly pear contains excellent vitamin B, C, and E content, possess anti-oxidizing and anti-aging properties and smooth ..
  • HK$330.00
    Moisture therapy for your skin. Skin type for dehydrated, sensitive skin Star ingredients marshmallow, aloe vera, chamomile Features A translucent gel mask Essential oil blend is soothing and calming. Made entirely of natural and organic ingredients Benefits Hydrates ..
  • HK$430.00
    Rejuvenate and deeply nourish your depleted skin with Replenish Face Mask. Skin type for dry and mature skin Star ingredients olive leaf extract, rose otto, avocado Features Essential oil blend chosen to promote softening and hydration of the skin Improves skin moisture levels E..
  • HK$150.00
    Key ingredients Cucumber Extract*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Glycerin, Water, Apricot Seed Powder*, Grapefruit Extract*, Mel Honey*, Soybean Oil *Ingredient from organic farming How to use Apply to dry skin for 5 minutes. Then, gently massage and mixed with water for peeling and exfoliating. ..
  • HK$240.00
    Function: Nine Natural extracts help to remove the blackhead and dissolve grease. The economic kit includes the blackhead out source, black cotton swab, blackhead mask, sterilization dish and tweezers. It helps to gently remove blackhead. Key Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Sage Extract, Pepperm..