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  • HK$150.00
    LATIN NAME: Eucalyptus globulus. SOURCE Steam distilled from the leaves and twigs. COLOUR: Clear/light amber ORIGIN: Spain. AROMA: Clean, sweet, penetrating Eucalyptus oil will not go off and does not need a Best before. The once open symbol is 36M and this is overrides the BB. QUALITIES:..
  • HK$140.00
    LATIN NAME: Lavandula officinalis SOURCE: Steam distilled, from flowering tips and stem COLOUR: Clear, yellow may have small flower sediment (sediment is in most cases a good sign of being natural product.) ORIGIN: Bulgaria AROMA: Sweet strong floral, hints of melon, cucumber and peppermint Q..
  • HK$140.00
    LATIN NAME: Citrus limonum SOURCE: Obtained by distilling from the fruit peel COLOUR: Clear to yellow ORIGIN: Spain AROMA: Sweet and zesty characteristic of fresh squeezed lemon peel QUALITIES: Excellent antiseptic. Refreshing and uplifting -Ideal for oily skin. A useful insect repellent and ..
  • HK$140.00
    LATIN NAME: Cymbopogon citratus SOURCE: Steam distilled grass COLOUR: Amber ORIGIN: Cochin India AROMA: Strong sweet 'lemony', rich, deep, creamy, slightly grassy QUALITIES: Excellent for vaporising to banish unpleasant smells. Uplifting and refreshing - good for tired sweaty feet, or as a r..
  • HK$130.00
    LATIN NAME: Citrus sinensis. SOURCE: Expressed from the fresh fruit peel. COLOUR: clear yellow ORIGIN: Calabria, Italy AROMA: Fresh, sweet and fruity true to the fruit. QUALITIES: Soothing and uplifting. A warming jolly oil. Add to Bath Base for a soothing and warming winter bath. Helpful for..
  • HK$150.00
    LATIN NAME: Melaleuca alternifolia. SOURCE: Steam distilled from leaves and twigs. COLOUR: Clear ORIGIN: Australia AROMA: strong medicinal, clean , fresh and camphorous. QUALITIES: Powerful antiseptic it is active against all three varieties of infectious organisms; bacteria, fungi and viruse..