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Geranium Oil 10ml CO

Geranium Oil 10ml CO

Brand: Perfect Potion
Product Code: PP60025859
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An olive-green oil with a very rich herbaceous and green, leafy, rosy aroma.

Major constituents
A typical chemical composition of Geranium Essential Oil: a-pinene (0.18-0.39%), myrcene (0.21-0.4%), limonene (0.17-0.59%), menthone (0.74-2.11%), linalool (10.26- 13.64%), geranyl acetate (0.34-4.38%), citronellol (20.89- 27.74%), geraniol (14.36-17.43%).


Geranium Essential Oil is beneficial during times of stress. It helps to relieve mild anxiety and is also used for the relief of symptoms of premenstrual

It helps to regulate sebum production, making it useful for acne and oily skin. Geranium
Essential Oil may also be used to improve broken capillaries and spider veins. It is
traditionally used as an insect repellent.

The rich leafy scent of Geranium Essential Oil can be harmonising, balancing and comforting.

According to the principles of TCM, geranium oil is cooling and moist. Able to calm the mind,
relax the body, ease frustration and irritability.

How to use
Adults: Add 3 drops to oils vaporiser or bath or 2 drops to every 10mL carrier oil 1-3 times daily.

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