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Pine Oil CO

Pine Oil CO

Brand: Perfect Potion
Product Code: PP60020489
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A colourless oil with a strong, turpentine, balsamic pine-like aroma. Also called Scotch pine.

Botanical name

Pinus sylvestris



Method of extraction

Steam distillation

Major constituents

A typical chemical composition of Pine Essential Oil: Borneol, bornyl acetate, terpinyl acetate, cadinene, camphene, dipentene, phallandrene, pinene, sylvestrene


The fresh scent of pine enlivens the spirits. It is cleansing and invigorating. It promotes feelings of wellbeing and may be used to promote healing and meditation. It may be used as a room deodoriser and freshener.


Add 5 drops to oil vaporiser or bath or 4 drops to every 10mL carrier oil.

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