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Hyperthermal Mud for Body 250g

Hyperthermal Mud for Body 250g

Brand: Abano Terme
Product Code: AP0101037
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Price: HK$350.00

Rich suspension containing plant based active agents with high dermo-affinity, enriched with silico-aluminate-clay components and trace element rich Abano thermal water.

The mineral ions and trace elements restore vitality and dynamism to the dermo-epidermal layer, acting as thermal enhancers in any treatment of facial and body skin problems.


Ingredients: Solum Fullonum, Aqua*, Bentonite, Kaolin, Magnesium Silicate, Sodium Dehydroacetate.

*With Hyperthermal Water


Completely natural. Will dry up if left in open air.


How to use
Open the mud sachet and pour content into a non-metallic bowl. Apply the product evenly. Apply on body after three to five minutes occlude with wet band (ideally soaked in hyperthermal water) for 30-45 minutes. The product can be heated or used at room temperature, according to the blemishes treated.



Suitable for all skin types. Follow instructions carefully.

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